Rush Week and Why You’re Good Enough

Rush Week

Last August I helped my kids get settled at college. I’ll never forget what I saw one night as I drove through sorority row. Rush week rush hour! Throngs of girls in trendy dresses, killer shoes, perfect hair and makeup streamed up and down the street.

As I watched them walking from house to house, I felt really sad. They were trying so hard to stand out and measure up to each sorority’s standards, yet so many would be rejected. Lots of them would end up feeling like they weren’t good enough and wonder what was wrong with them. That’s a crime because there isn’t a darn thing wrong with any of them. They were all so precious as they paraded up and down the street.

Last Sunday, our pastor talked about the universal fear of rejection we all have – and our need for approval. He explained that this stems from the fact that we all subconsciously know we fall short of the glory of our Creator. We know we’ve sinned.

We need acceptance. God’s acceptance is the solution to our fear of rejection. His acceptance is the only acceptance that really matters.

Our amazing God accepts us wholeheartedly, completely, and permanently when we recognize our shortcomings, repent, and put our faith in Christ.

We don’t have to wear the right clothes or shoes. We don’t have to do our hair and make-up perfectly. Honestly, there’s nothing we can do to make ourselves acceptable by God’s standards – and God doesn’t want us to even try. Whew! What a relief!

If God’s acceptance depended on our efforts, we would be in serious trouble. Because it depends on Christ, we are saved. Christ makes us acceptable.

So why do we chase after the acceptance of the people around us? Why do we crave the approval of a world whose acceptance is shallow, unreliable, and temporary?

As I drove carefully along the road that night, I felt Christ’s presence inside of me – like he was looking at those girls through my eyes. I felt his heart grieving as he watched them wear themselves out chasing after the world’s approval when they already had his.

He loves each one of them so deeply. He sees each one as extraordinarily beautiful. He gave everything he had to rescue them.

Not one of them has to measure up in his eyes. He wants them – and us – to recognize our significance and value to him. Those girls all have his heart. And so do you.

Remember that as you get caught up in the flurry of rush week.

In your life, whose acceptance has been the most important to you?

Loving you all . . .

Mama B


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