As Christians you’re going to hear a lot of complaints about God in light of the movie theater shooting. This tragedy might even give you some questions and doubts about God, so I’m reblogging a post from The Warming House. Hope this helps. Here’s a link to an awesome post by one of the survivors of the shooting.

The Warming House

My husband recently read a book called “A Million Miles in a Thousand Years” by Donald Miller (copyright 2009 by Donald Miller; Thomas Nelson Publishing). In the book, the author talks about his friend, Kathy. Her relationship with God had been seriously damaged by years of hardship. She hung out on the periphery of God for a while until she reached a point where she was ready to let him go altogether. Then she went to Rwanda where she toured the genocide museum in the capital city of Kigali. As she made her way through the exhibits and learned about the events leading up to the genocide she was emboldened in her belief that God only created us to let us “march around in our own misery.” She prayed, “You’re supposed to be good. What are you good for?”

She then visited a church where Tutsis had taken refuge during the massacre thinking they…

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